​​​​​" I reached a point recently where I decided I needed to do something for myself that would help ease some stress in my life, and create a restful environment for me to relax in and enjoy. I reached out to Kanso Organizing to help me with my bedroom. Andrea and Jo Ann were really great to work with.

Jo Ann and I worked in my bedroom for two weekends -- sorting things into categories, keep, donate, garage sale, etc. Jo Ann was such a pleasure to work with, very calm, non-judgmental, and she kept the process going. I also decided I needed help with my mail, the thing I dreaded the most when I came home each night. Andrea was amazing! She sorted my volumes of mail and papers, made files for the important items, and came up with an easy and manageable system for me to maintain on my own. We met another day to discuss finances and budgeting. I can't tell you what a relief it is to know what I have, know where it's going, and what I can afford (or not). I feel much more in control now, and can plan accordingly.

I'm so grateful to Andrea and Jo Ann for all their hard work, and for going above and beyond what I expected. Kanso Organizing has made a big impact in my home life. I would hire them again in a minute! "

​Lori M.

Jo Ann and Andrea,

You two are indeed angels: compassionate, competent and thrifty in time use. A God send!

We plan to keep in touch.

Marsa R.

"Thank you for everything you have done.  Without your good judgment, organizational and people skills, and emotional strength, this is a job that could never have been completed. "



​​​Small Changes 

- Big Impact

I was super impressed by KANSOrganizing! This was my first time using professional organizers so I was not sure what to expect. Andrea and JoAnn showed up with all the right gear - bins, throws, bags, labels - and took swift action to help me organize my neglected walk-in closet. In just 4 hours, we purged numerous bins/bags of items, organized a massive stack of paperwork, instituted new storage methods and left the room with new "feng shui" positivity! Moreover, KANSOrganizing leaves you with tips, techniques and tools so that the organization is sustainable. I highly recommend hiring Andrea and JoAnn - trustworthy, personable, and skilled professionals who seriously know how to clear the clutter!

Cole N.

" Thank heaven for JoAnn and Andrea of Kanso Organizing. I was in the middle of a move and desperately needed my closets organized. The closets had years of clutter and they came to the rescue. Not only were they professional and very pleasant to work with but they did an excellent job making sense out of the mess. I have been able to easily maintain the structure they set up and have never felt so good about opening up my closet doors in years.

I highly recommend Kanso Organizing if you are moving or just need to reorganized your existing home or office. "

Scharol  B.